Friday, September 24, 2010

About Ogbeifun Emmnauel

A lot of people may wonder about Ogbeifun Emmanuel. The kind of person he is, where he is from, what he does and the likes. 

Well, I am truely an African, precisely from Nigeria. Though, a lot of my brothers out there have so tanished the image of my country on the internet that we now nowhere to put our faces. But, very many of us still maintain good reputation on both the internet and everywhere we find ourselves.

For me, I am a hard working Nigerian who wants the reward form my own efforts, because of this I spend whole of my time eveyday working tirelessly to earn a living. I am a teacher by profession. I love my job so well because I have always aspire to become a teacher since I started my eductional pursiut.

I am the first of four chlidren in a family of an only mother whom I love dearly. She has been all I have since I lost my dad at eleven. In my family, there is warmness because we are all happy. My siblings love me just as I love them.

My friends are just too numerous that they are all best to me. The closest is a childhood friend of mine. Presently, he is France, living there with his fiance, a girl that had stick to him for more than four years now.

Truely it's no joke, I really use to have a swell time being with my love ones.

Ogbeifun Emmanuel